Reschedule Reunion

Well, we have to do it again!  Reschedule the Reunion date.  I know I know but what can we do with the covid cases going up again.

Here’s what we have to decide- Do we reschedule for 2022 or do we wait and reschedule for 2025 as our 45th reunion.

Both the hotel and the DJ reached out to me this week and will work with me on what is decided.

If you have already paid for the reunion your money is safely sitting in the bank, other than the deposits for the hotel, and DJ money hasn't been used for anything else. 

Please see the survey on to vote for which year.

Thanks for your understanding,

Evans 1980 Runion Committee.


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1)   Reschedule for 2022

Yes No
2)   Reschedule for 45th Reunion in 2025

Yes No